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PE pipe extrusion mould

Create: 04/26/2019
Expired Date:04/30/2020
Category: Plastic vacuum moldings [Industrial-Supplies]
Message:Pipe mold, PE pipe mold, PVC pipe mold, PP-R pipe mold, spiral mold features: melt flow speed to achieve the expected mechanical uniformity, thermal uniformity. 1. The spiral body can be used in the production of inner, middle and outer tubes, and can also be used for pipes of different pressure levels; 2. Low pressure consumption and high output; 3. There is no need for a mandrel bracket to make the flow pattern that occurs in the production process disappear; 4. Compact structure, reasonable connection and convenient replacement; 5. Made of high quality die steel; 6. The internal heating thermostat (internal heater and mold temperature machine) is designed for diameters above 200. 7. The flow channel is chrome-plated and polished to give the user an excellent outer tube of the product. 8. Equipped with mold moving trolley, electric 90° flipping makes it easier and faster to change the mold specifications. specifications. At present, China's pipe market, plastic pipes are developing steadily, PE pipe, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipe have a place, and the strong development momentum of PE pipe is eye-catching. PE pipes are used in a wide range of fields. Among them, water supply pipes and gas pipes are among the largest application markets. Reliable quality and reasonable price have won a good reputation for our company. Our company has rich production experience in the production of PE pipe moulds. The development of PE pipes will inevitably put forward higher requirements for molds.  Due to the product specifications, models and detailed parameters, please contact us! (model can be customized)
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