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Engine holder

Create: 05/28/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Investment castings [Industrial-Supplies]
Message:Investment Casting       1)  Processes:  Silica sol, Complex Shell Process, Water glass.     2)  Materials:  any grade of stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, iron alloy nickel bases                                        and chrome bases, copper,brass and aluminum or according the customer’s request      3)  Weight:          Silica sol: 0.05kgs- 15kgs;          water glass:300kgs.              4) The precision of dimension: CT5-CT7
May 28 2019U type radiant tube323
May 28 2019Sand Casting Auto parts339
May 28 2019Engine holder301
May 28 2019I-type Radiant tube347
May 28 2019Elbows for radiant tubes276
May 28 2019Auto part253
May 28 2019Counter Weights 1) Process: Vacuum sand casting 2) Material: EN-GJL-200 3) Weight: Up to 20 tons/pc. 4) Weight tolerance: +2.5% 5) Output per day: 600 ton327
May 28 2019Open die forging313
May 28 2019Hearth roll297
May 28 2019Casting parts supplier244

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