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Needle Punching Seamless 6mmHigh Temperature Resistant PBO Roller Cover Sleeves

Create: 09/29/2019
Expired Date:09/26/2028
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:Needle Punching Seamless 6mmHigh Temperature Resistant PBO Roller Cover Sleeves Contact: Huatao Group Limited Tel: +86 0311 80690567 Mobile: +86 18032422676 ( whatsapp/Wechat/Imo/Viber) Email : Web: Email: sandy (at) Web: 3W 3W Skype: huataogroup Description Our this kind of PBO felt roller is a kind of felt roller which is specially used on the cooling table of aluminum extrusion industry. The whole roller surface does not have any seams, and there is no break zone. This kind of PBO felt roller is a roller specially used for the position of the discharge port. Its temperature resistance can reach 600, and its surface is smooth, which can well protect the flatness of aluminum profiles. With dedicated cold transfer equipment, it plays a very good role in protecting aluminum profiles and cooling down. The application of such felt cylinders has been very mature in recent years Specification Color:Brown Temperature Resistance:600 Material: PBO Outside + Kevlar Inside Available Size(inside diameter, mm):Φ18 Φ23,25 Φ49,50,51 Φ60,62,63 Φ76,77 Φ80,81,82 Φ90,95 Φ100,101,102 Φ114,115 Φ120 Thickness: 6mm ---12mm Application Pbo+Kevlar roller is mainly applied to extrusion machine runout table to replace the graph-lit material,also used for high-tem region of translation step cooling bed.
Sep 29 2019Needle Punching Seamless 6mmHigh Temperature Resistant PBO Roller Cover Sleeves194
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