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Optical Brightening Agent OB-1

Create: 04/30/2020
Expired Date:never
Category: Dyes [Chemical]
Message:Product Class: Optical Brightening Agent For Plastic Product Name: Optical Brightening Agent OB-1 Chemical Name: 2.2’-(4.4’-diphenol vinyl) dibenzoxazol CAS No.: 1533-45-5 C.I. No.: 393 Structural Formula: Molecular Formula: C28H18N2O2 Molecular Weight: 414 Technical Index: Appearance: yellowish green powder  Melting Point:358~360°C  Purity:≥99% Uses : Mainly be used in whitening of polyester and plastic, as well in whitening of Nylon during polymerization. Package: 10kg or 25kg per fiber drum
Apr 30 2020 Optical Brightening Agent OB253
Apr 30 2020 Optical Brightening Agent OB-1281

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