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Car HD surveillance camera

Create: 06/02/2021
Expired Date:03/16/2023
Category: Video monitors [Consumer electronics]
Message:Product size: 7 "10.1" optional Product function: high definition camera for passenger and freight cars, supporting two-way, four-way, five way, six way and eight way synchronous video recording function, optional with remote monitoring and positioning function. Equipped with multiple cameras, it can monitor the surrounding conditions of the vehicle in real time, record the video synchronously, support local playback, and view the video files in real time Quotation specification: Set Quotation quantity: 1 set Packing number: 10 sets Unit price per unit: from $168 A variety of configuration can be selected, if there are special needs, can contact communication!
Jun 02 2021Car HD surveillance camera159
Jun 02 2021汽货车高清监控摄像机记录仪111

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