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Cigarette Flavor Capsules

Create: 03/08/2022
Expired Date:never
Category: Cigarettes [Food&Beverage&Tobacoo]
Message: Cigarette Flavor Capsules Introduction Implanted in the cigarette filter, the cigarette capsule, with its core material enclosed by the wall, releases the flavor therein when it is squeezed and popped open with fingers, making a flavored smoking experience. Flavors Hundreds of Flavors including Six Major Series: Flower, Fruit, Alcohol, Herb, Tea, Special Specifications For Regular Cigarettes For Slim Cigarettes For Other Cigarettes Grain Diameter (Ø): 3.5~3.8mm Weight (mg/capsule): 25±1.5mg Flavor (mL/capsule): 23±1.5mg Amount of Capsules/kg: circa 40000 Grain Diameter (Ø): 2.6~2.9mm Weight (mg/capsule): 11±1.0mg Flavor (mL/capsule): 10±1.5mg Amount of Capsules/kg: circa 80000 Grain Diameter (Ø): Custom Weight (mg/capsule): Custom Flavor (mL/capsule): Custom Amount of Capsules/kg: Different for varied specs
Mar 08 2022Cigarette Flavor Capsules100
Mar 08 2022 Concentrated Liquid Synthesized Flavors for Food and Beverages99
Mar 08 2022Concentrated Liquid Synthesized Fragrances for Daily Chemicals157

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