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pvc yoga mat

Create: 05/16/2022
Expired Date:05/01/2029
Category: Textiles&Leather
Message:Are PVC Yoga MATS Dangerous? We Give You The Answer How to choose a safe PVC yoga mat? In order to avoid buying toxic PVC yoga mat, we suggest to buy authentic brand yoga mat products with relevant quality testing certificates, and avoid buying cheap PVC yoga mat without qualification and security. How to choose PVC yoga mat Size: 1730×610mm (national standard size) as long as more than this size can be Thickness: 8mm is recommended due to the characteristics and density of PVC material Anti-skid particles: choose PVC yoga mat anti-skid particles must be a little bigger, the anti-skid effect will be significantly improved. PVC yoga mat purchase matters needing attention 1.Press with your thumb. If the imprint on the yoga mat does not play up for a long time, it shows that the elasticity is not enough. A lot of PVC mat is 6MM, but the material did not put enough, only 1.1-1.2kg or so, inevitably lead to density is not enough, elasticity is very poor. Normal is 1.4-1.5kg 6MM PVC cushion is elastic enough to effectively protect the knee and soft tissue of yoga practitioners. 2.Use an eraser on your yoga mat and see if the material cracks easily. This is a great way to test a PVC yoga mat; 3.Wet a small piece of yoga mat, imitate the situation after sweating, to see if it will slip, if the slip is PVC foam particles are too small. 4.After buying the PVC yoga mat, clean it with wet towel and water and dry it in a ventilated place. After that, there is no peculiar smell. After having the yoga mat that belongs to oneself, want careful caress not only, also want frequently add clean. To ensure hygiene, it is best to wash once a week.  
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