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Non dairy cream - Dulcinea life

Create: 04/05/2016
Expired Date:04/01/2018
Category: Cream [Food&Beverage&Tobacoo]
Message:Non dairy cream - Dulcinea life Premium sweetened non dairy cream, without hydrogenated fats: - UHT processed, long shelf life product - high whipped volume - strong and stable structure of the whipped non dairy cream - exquisite flavor and delicate taste - smooth and shiny cream, with high decoration definition - no pores, no cracks - freeze/thaw stable, in whipped from. Keywords: non dairy cream,vegetable whipping cream,mini tart shells,pastry margarine,puff pastry margarine,cream margarine,ready to use creams,bake stable creams,cold glazes,fruit fillings,chocolate couverture,compound chocolate,spreadable cocoa creams,Dutch cocoa powder,powder premixes.
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