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wood pellet

Create: 08/23/2016
Expired Date:08/08/2018
Category: Wood [Animal&Plant&Agri Supplier]
Message: Biomass pellets produced from agricultural wastes such as bark or wood or sawdust from the wood furniture industry. These wastes are put through a process of drying and compressed into tablets with the high heat and low humidity. (Between 5 -6%) biomass pellets that are suitable for use as fuel in furnaces or boilers in various industries. Biomass pellets (Wood Pellets) is produced from waste rubber slab. Through the process of digestion and reduce humidity and then compacted into bars and then to lower the temperature. Prior to storage silos (Silo) can retain moisture (Moisture Content) in the 8 -15% of the heat. (High-Heating Value) suitable for use as a fuel in the boiler or steam generator (Boiler) or using the oven (Stove) for various industries. The heat / Gross Calorific Value 4175 kcal / kg. Moisture / Moisture Content
City:Chum Phae[TH] 
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