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Silica quartz stone

Create: 08/23/2016
Expired Date:08/24/2018
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:. Specifications High quality quartz stone in Lumps. Appearance is very white without any impurities We are one of the biggest exporters of high grade Silica quartz stone We are the leading mineowners& milky white quartz from Thailand. We have international standard plant installed for crushing the quartz inThailand, We are supplying our product to companies globally 1. Quality 1.1 Chemical Composition: SiO2: 99.0%(min); and free of any impurity/ granule having different structure than the quartz ELEMENT RESULT (%) SIO2 99.02 AL2O3 0.058 Fe2o3 0.56 CAO 0.016 MgO 0.0063
City:Chum Phae[TH] 
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Aug 23 2016Silica quartz stone527
Aug 23 2016coconut fiber479
Aug 23 2016wood pellet468
Aug 23 2016wood chips478

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