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PVC Marble Panel Production Line

Create: 04/10/2017
Expired Date:02/01/2036
Category: Machined cold extrusions [Industrial-Supplies]
Message:PVC Marble Panel Production Line PVC marble panel production line features with compact structure, superior performance. The optimized design of the screw and the barrel is made of high performance alloy steel, so that the machine has the advantages of uniform, stable extrusion, high output, long life, etc.. The barrel of extruder adopts cast aluminum heating circles, wind cooling, and precise temperature control instrument. The accurate calibration and calender device, through its good adjustment function so that the plate shape is excellent. The cutting machine adopts the fixed-length cutting device to ensure the accuracy of plate length. Extruded plate through hot stamping by PVC membrane, finally by UV mirror curing and the whole production process doesn it use any glue, the surface processing technique adopt the advanced UV ultraviolet light curing processing, features with 100% waterproof, high plump, high hardness, scratch resistance, high fire resistance, safety and environmental protection, no peculiar smell, etc. Main raw materials: PVC resin, natural stone powder, and more than ten kinds of toxic-free additives Molding method: selection of domestic advanced extrusion equipment, forming is through heating extrusion for one time. Appearance has four layers, the first layer for the appearance of color using the hot transfer stamping technology, appearance color will never fall off, the second layer is the protection primer layer, the third layer is non-slip layer, and the fourth layer is wear resistant layer.
City:Jinan Shandong[CN] 
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