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PVC glazed tile production line

Create: 04/10/2017
Expired Date:02/01/2036
Category: Machined cold extrusions [Industrial-Supplies]
Message:PVC glazed tile production line PP,PVC wave board production line PVC glazed tile production line is composed of two conical double screw extruders, one single screw extruder, co-extruding distributor, extrusion mold and forming auxiliary equipment, glazed tile production line adopts three layer co-extrusion technology which is pioneered by plastics machinery industry, glazed tile adopts two layer co-extrusion technology, completed processing in one step, each layer materials have the function of surface materials: with super weatherability resin, ensure product durability and chemical resistance; the underlying material: white ductile material, to increase the sense of space and the brightness of work plant. Two different materials gave respective characteristics of their products, smooth surface and the organic combines together, PVC glazed tile production line is able to continuous produce PVC single layer or PVC/PMMA and PVC/ASA co-extruded tile. PVC glazed tile production line has the advantages of high production efficiency, simple operation, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, long life characteristics. Features of Glazed tile: Super weathering resistance, long service life Synthetic resin tile (composite glazed tile) using ASA high weatherability resin as the surface material. This high weatherability resin is suitable for outdoor application. It has exceptional durability in the natural environment, it can keep the stability of color and physical properties even exposed to ultraviolet light, moisture, heat, cold and shock for long time. Long service life avoids two construction waste and pollution.
City:Jinan Shandong[CN] 
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