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Household Chemicals & Personal Care

Create: 09/27/2017
Expired Date:09/01/2017
Category: Container [Packaging&Paper&Printing]
Message:For these types of applications it's common to use the spout that's fitted to the corner of the pouch as typically these types of products tend to be poured out and then the cap replaced as generally they are multi use packs. For these more robust applications we have developed a special range of nylon based laminate structures that are more abuse resistant than standard materials. Typically packs sizes range from around 300mls to 5 litres but larger pouches are available. Spout sizes are from 8.5mm to 22mm. This style of pouch is very popular for refill applications. Manufactures initially supply their products in a dispensing unit and then sell theses pouches as a refill for the dispenser. The main benefits are environmental, convenience and cost.
City:Guangzhou Guangdong[CN] 
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