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Wine Pouch

Create: 09/27/2017
Expired Date:09/01/2017
Category: Container [Packaging&Paper&Printing]
Message:While bag in box pouches for wine products have been around for many years, recently we have seen an explosion in the RTC (ready to consume) categories and in particular for pre mixed cocktails. These products in pouches can be frozen for longer shelf life and are ideal for slush packs as they can be thawed just prior to consumption. They are particularly popular for parties and picnics as they are both safe and convenient to use. As with other pouches they have a low environmental footprint as they use around 70% less raw material than convention glass containers. These lighter packs are particularly popular with end users and for the drinks producers they offer huge savings in freight and distribution costs.
City:Guangzhou Guangdong[CN] 
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