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3 Tonne Anti-explosion Trolley Locomotive for Mine Tunnel Transportation

Create: 06/30/2021
Expired Date:06/10/2030
Category: Continuous mining equipment [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Model Name: CJY3/6, 7, 9G(B) Adhesive Weight: 3 tons Track Gauge: 600, 762 or 900mm Hourly System Traction: 4.704kN 6.1kN 5.74kN Max. Traction: 7.36kN Hourly System Speed: 9.1km/h,10.6km/h,7.5km/h Voltage: 250V,550V,250V Power of Electric Motor: 12kW*1, 24kW*1, 6.5kW*2 Length: 2960mm,2760mm Width: 940,920,1082 or 1220mm Height: 1550mm Wheelbase: 816mm,816mm,850 mm Wheel Diameter: Φ650mm,Φ650mm,Φ520 mm Height of Pantograph: 1800~2000mm Height of Traction: 210 or 320mm Min. Turning Radius: 5.7m, 5.7m, 6m Speed Regulating Mode: Resistance or IGBT Braking Mode: Mechanical Brake Frame Constructed in welded steel and suspended by leaf spring on grease bearing seats with tapered roller bearings. Speed control In order to achieve continuous and stepless speed regulation, they have an electronic speed controller with high reliability. Brakes Mechanical brake to the four wheels by brake shoes. Sanders Pneumatic sanding system to the rails. Buffers and motor suspension The locomotive has two buffers with spring shock absorbers to achieve complete shock absorption against collisions. Equally, the motor is suspended from the chassis by a spring brace.
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