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8 Tonne Underground Electric Locomotive for Mine Tunnel Transportation

Create: 06/30/2021
Expired Date:06/20/2030
Category: Continuous mining equipment [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Model Name: CTY(L)8/6,7,9G(B), CTY(L)8/6,7,9GP Adhesive Weight: 8 tons Track Gauge: 600, 762 or 900mm(according to the requirements) Hourly System Traction: 11.18kN, 12.83kN, 13.12kN Max. Traction: 19.62kN, 20.8kN Hourly System Speed(km/h): 6.2, 7.5, 7.8, 7.7 Supply Voltage: 110V,132V,140V,144V Capacity of Traction: 370Ah or 440Ah Power of Electric Motor: 11kW*2, 15kW*2, 15kW*2 Length: 4420,4430,4470,4580 or 4850mm Width: 1050,1054,1212,1216,1350,1354 or 1356mm Height: 1550mm or 1600mm Wheelbase: 1100mm or 1150mm Wheel Diameter: Φ600mm or Φ680mm Height of Traction: 210,320 or 430mm Min. Turning Radius: 7m Speed Regulating Mode: Resistance or IGBT, AC converter Braking Mode: Mechanical Brake, Mechanical and Electric Brake
Jun 30 2021 8 Tonne Underground Electric Locomotive for Mine Tunnel Transportation177
Jun 30 2021 3 Tonne Anti-explosion Trolley Locomotive for Mine Tunnel Transportation170
Jun 30 2021 5 Tonne Narrow Gauge Battery Locomotive for Mine Tunnel Transportation160

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