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Ebb and Flow Benches for Greenhouse Hydroponic Cultivation

Create: 12/28/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:Ebb and Flow Benches – Efficient, Space-Saving and User-Friendly Ebb and Flow Benches, also known as ebb and flood rolling benches, are the most popular greenhouse benches for hydroponic cultivation system. Different from traditional rolling bench top, the ebb and flow trays are made of engineering plastics (ABS) through vacuum molded process. Finished with drainage channels, nutrient solution can flow evenly throughout but cover the entire surface of the bench and then drain completely when watering finished. Let your every tender seedling grow vigorously, no plants are sitting in standing water. All components are manufactured from quality material for high bearing capacity and long service life. Standard off-the-shelf models as well as custom made-to-order solutions are all available. CATALOGUE DOWNLOAD DETAILS & FEATURE Rolling system is space-saving and can save 60% to 90% of labor. Fully recirculating system can save 50% to 90% water. Save 75% to 90% fertilizer than traditional watering methods. Preassembly of components for easy installation. Factory welded stands for easy operation. Mitred corners prevent workers or customers from ripping clothing. Anti-tip mechanisms on rolling benches. A close up picture of ebb and flow tray made of ABS plastic. ABS ebb and flow tray Drainage filter grid of shuttle rolling bench. Drainage filter grid A close up picture of the clip on bench side profile. Snap together aluminum profiles A close up picture of the anti-clip bracket of ebb and flow bench. Anti-clip bracket A close up picture of the bench feet of ebb and flow bench. Adjustable greenhouse bench feet
City:Shijiazhuang Hebei[CN] 
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