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Shuttle Rolling Bench System – Greenhouse Automation Solution

Create: 12/28/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:Shuttle Rolling Bench System – Precise Detection and Control System Shuttle Rolling Bench System, refers to an automatic greenhouse cultivation system, is equipped with a series of advanced ebb and flow irrigation devices. Bench logistics system is a major part which consists of ebb and flow bench trays, slide way and longitudinal transfer slide way. In addition, there are operation control system, disinfection system, nutrient solution recycling system and aerobic system to streamline all production processes. This automatic palletized rolling bench system has deeply affected the horticulture industry worldwide, resulting in larger scale plant nurseries. Plant survival rates have increased unprecedentedly. It improves working conditions in greenhouse and reduces the total cost of the growers. CATALOGUE DOWNLOAD The large scale nursery is installed with shuttle rolling bench system. A drawing picture of ebb and flow bench tray. DETAILS & FEATURE Scalable designs to protect your investment. Reduce labor costs and improve working environment. Reduce the occurrence of gangrene and buckling leaves. Improve the seedling survival rate. Optimize the greenhouse area utilization. Energy saving and environment friendly. Water and nutrient solution saving. Precision and efficient operation. A close up picture of ebb and flow tray made of ABS plastic. ABS ebb and flow tray Drainage filter grid of shuttle rolling bench. Drainage filter grid Bench logistics system of shuttle rolling bench system. Bench logistics system
City:Shijiazhuang Hebei[CN] 
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