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Greenhouse Sprinkler – Overhead Watering System for Greenhouse

Create: 12/28/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:Greenhouse Sprinkler – Watering Your Plants Efficiently and Precisely Greenhouse Sprinkler, also know as greenhouse misting system, is an automatic overhead watering method for greenhouse and nursery irrigation. It is mainly used for increasing humidity and cleaning the dust in the air, which is ideal for nursery seedlings. Our greenhouse sprinkler system mainly includes sprinkler heads, operating orbit, transfer orbit and host. Commonly, each greenhouse need to install a set of sprinkler orbit and supported by a host. If one machine is used in multiple greenhouses, the transfer vehicle and transfer track are necessary. As a manufacturer, we offer multi-angle of sprinkler heads and mister head is available. Dimensions (L × W × H): 900 × 900 × 385 mm. Sprinkler Head Angle: 80 °C, 180 °C, 360 °C. Spray Uniformity Coefficient: ≥ 80%. Walking Speed: 4–16.5 m/min. Maximum Spray Width: 15 m. Maximum Spray Walking Distance: 70 m. Work Pressure: 0.3 MPa. Motor Power: 250 W. Input Power: 220 V/50 Hz. Enter Water Pressure: 2–5 kgf/cm2. Water Flow: 40 l/h – 130 l/h. APPLICATION & PROJECTS
City:Shijiazhuang Hebei[CN] 
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