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Greenhouse Insect Screen for High Planting Percent & Seedling Quality

Create: 12/28/2018
Expired Date:never
Category: Ore&Mineral&Mining
Message:DESCRIPTION HDPE Greenhouse Insect Screen – High Tensile Strength & Avirulent Greenhouse Insect Screen adopts high tensile strength HDPE filaments as material. It is the first choice for controlling various crop and vegetable pests by a physical method. This ensures a significant reduction in the use of chemical pesticides in the greenhouse, thereby improving the quality of seedlings. In addition to pest control, it also has the functions of light transmission, moderate shading and ventilation. The anti-insect effect depends on the size of the mesh (mesh=number of holes per inch). Please contact us for reliable select advice according to the insect that is prevalent in the area. Material: 100% HDPE. Hole Type: diamond, hexagonal and square. Mesh: 17 × 17 mesh, 25 × 25 mesh, 40 × 40 mesh, 25 × 50 mesh, 75 × 75 mesh. Width: 1–6 m. Length: 50 m, 100 m. Weight: 30–50 g/m2. Process: warp knitted. Color: white, green, blue, black, etc. UV Resistant: 1% – 5%. Shade Value: 12% – 27%. Light Transmission: 80%. Service Life: 2–8 years.
City:Shijiazhuang Hebei[CN] 
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